Connecting you to Earth Observation Data

  • SparkIndata brings together various data, algorithms and software bundles and combine them together to offer a catalogue of innovative services to companies from numerous sectors of activity.

    We have the ambition to federate existing assets, either open and available or brought by the project’s partners at International level, to build this new generation application marketplace that shortens the path from idea to operations.

    • sid_icon1_dataSources Various data sources satellites, drones and in situ
    • sid_icon2_custom Highly customizable processing services
    • sid_icon3_info From data to information products
    • elastic Elastic, extensible and robust
Quick Access


Global Earth Observation data, local decisions


    • Satellite

      Currently connected to the Copernicus data with its Sentinel constellation, the paltform uses these images and derives high added value products through its services.

    • Aero

      Aero imagery is injected into our services to bring more accuracy, reduce the revisit time and complement the wealth of available satellite imagery.

    • In Situ

      Networks of in-situ domain specific sensors bring in additional value to earth observation measurments. SparkInData is currently connected to European datasets of geological information.

    • Modelling

      Through the availability of predicitve models, the platform is capable of building projections using the available reference data.

Variety at the service of Value


Our platform follows the cloud computing layered architecture with three layers : Infrastructure, Platform and Software, all provided as a service.

  • Full web platform

    It is hosted on the cloud and all transactions are performed on the web (no software installation, no massive data movements, available everywhere)

  • Responsive user interfaces

    State of the art web page design to maximise the content and service readability and commercialization

  • Harmonized user management

    A multitenant environment with simplify user authentication and authorization processes through all platform services

  • Easy deployment of new Services

    With the ambition of continous growth, the deployment of new services is very simple

New ideas to solve new challenges


  • The SparkInData partnership covers the whole value chain. It is led by Atos and includes data providers, IT companies, niche software development companies, R&D institutes and business development entities.

    The variety of partners is key to sustainability, rendering the platform future proof with a solid and reaching out to new partners on solid grounds. The SparkInData consortium is growing continuously adding more value to users and increasing the reach of the platform.

  • Atos
    • Aerospace Valley
    • BRGM
    • CNES
    • Mercator Ocean
    • Terra Nis
    • GeoSigWeb
    • GeoMatys
    • IGN
    • Irit
    • INP Purpan
Connecting you to Earth Observation Data